Everyday Cellars:  Wine Club for Women

A note from Stella Hayes,
founder of Everyday Cellars…

Wine has always transported me. Through my senses and the vine, it has been my passport to faraway lands and home again. I have long had that romantic, sensual connection to wine, a feeling that has only grown as I have shared it with other women. We are business professionals. We are entrepreneurs. We are moms. Together, we are changing the world.

Not long after becoming a mother to my children, I decided to refocus my professional life on wine. I set out to create a way to share with you the kind of intimate wine experiences I have enjoyed with family and friends. At my home, special and affordable wine played a central role at dinner parties, birthdays and informal gatherings with family and friends.

One unforgettable experience, following my daughter’s birth, made me realize that I really wanted to share wine with other women like me.

I formed, along with my face-any-challenge-at-hand new mom friends, a group called the “Mom Squad.” And guess how we spent our Friday afternoons? We drank; we ate; we listened; feeling a companionship unlike any other. Moms I know are unanimous in this belief: Once you have a baby, you feel like a superhero who can conquer it all. But the Mom Squad soon discovered that conquering, like so much else in life, goes better with good wine.

Distinctive and affordable wines, revealed through our visual wine review system in approachable and insightful ways (we won’t sell you wines with scores and ratings) ― that is my mission with Everyday Cellars Wine Club for Women. As we discover new vintages, regions and grape varieties, we will all be connected the way women can uniquely connect. Our club is like no other because we’re a community.

I love sharing stories with you but also thrive on what you share with me, and with each other. We are all taking the ride together. Won’t you come along?