How I Got Here

After founding the successful, Los Angeles-based language services company Inaword Inc. and serving corporate clients for 12 years, I have moved into a career in wine. I have launched a lifestyle brand called Everyday Cellars, whose focus, through retail partnerships and point-of-purchase advice, is to enhance the knowledge and tantalize the palate of the everyday wine drinker.

Formal Training

I am a wine professional with an advanced certificate in wine with merit from the British Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET), the top wine education program in the world.

My wine education has also been unique because I obtained my certifications (I also hold an intermediate certificate in wine with distinction) at the International Wine Center in New York. The school was founded by Mary Ewing-Mulligan, the first woman in North America to become a Master of Wine. This hard-won title represents the highest level of knowledge and proficiency in the wine trade. Currently, just 277 people in the world are Masters of Wine, including 26 in the U.S. I learned from the best wine educators and experts in the world at the International Wine Center, many of them women.


For Everyday Cellars, I developed a proprietary visual wine review system built on facial features and the senses that is the first one in the trade to impart knowledge about the nose, appearance and palate of wine.

Ongoing Training

I am a candidate for the very prestigious internationally recognized diploma in wine and spirits at the WSET.†The diploma is the prerequisite study for the entry into the highest honor in wine, the Master of Wine program.