Spring Break’s simple pleasures: Pizza, Cookie & Pink Sparkling

April 17, 2011

Do you remember being 14 & being dragged to a family vacation to the then unglamorous Coconut Grove part of Miami Beach, Florida with the oldies dotting the beachfront? I do & so do some of my friends. I think back to that time now that I have my family & the things I’m dragged to by them, pretty much all the time. Tonight, on this first night of Spring break, PG-style, in my neck of the woods, we went to a local Homemade Pizza Co joint to pick up a home-made pizza to go. Well, almost, home-made:  it’s not cooked until you get home & cook it.  We did, a large pie with kid cheese only & no green stuff on one half, & the other grown up half, with spinach & grilled chicken toppings.

We’ve had this type of arrangement before (my husband loves pizza), but I, well I’d rather have something else because I’m a glutton & I would need a lot more than 2 slices to be sated. So I say to myself why even do it. 

Tonight, I just went with the spirit of abandon of Spring break (I’m channeling the 14-year old girl in me) & had a few slices but the grown-up wine lover in me, paired it with a humble pink sparkling Cremant from Alsace made in the traditional method.  But wait that’s not the best mouth-watering part of this Spring break narrative.

I noticed a chocolate-chip cookie pie in their freezer section right in plain sight, not to be missed by kid or grown up alike. We baked it at home, & the memories of eating a box of Mrs. Fields semi-sweet chocolate chip cookies at the Old Orchard mall in Skokie, Ill. came rushing back like it was yesterday & not so so long ago.

But that was just a sweet memory, for now as a grown up, I can have my remarkable chocolate-chip cookie with a dry, pink, bready, pear & apple infused sparkling wine.

Enjoy your Spring break with pizza, a cookie & Sparkling wine! 

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