June Wine (In June, Feel Like a Bride)

June 20, 2011

June is the most popular month to get married. I’ll never forget the wine my husband & I picked for our wedding at The Oviatt Penthouse in LA: It was the supple warm-climate Brander Sauvignon Blanc.

In the spirit of June weddings, we’re featuring wine that will make you feel like a bride again.

In EVERYDAY membership, our “Low” wine is the 2010 Domaine Du Jas D’Esclans, Cru Classe, a truly remarkable Rose from Provence, still the place unlike any other in the world that shines when it comes to still pink wine.

Our “High” wine is the Walserrano Reserva 2005 DOC from Rioja, Spain. Bang for the buck, reserve wines spend many years in oak, by far exceeding aging requirements by Spanish wine law.

For our $91 membership (we will be phasing this product out in the near future), in addition to the Rose and the Rioja described above, we have two more, the Italian Casata Monte Forte, Lagrein (pronounced la-Grine) as well as Les Quinze Arpents sparkling wine (like Champagne, it is made by the traditional method whose second fermentation takes place in the bottle it is sold in), a Chenin Blanc-based Crémant from Vouvray in Loire Valley France.

Cheers to all brides!

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